LA to Chi-Town Part 2: Somewhere in Middle America

Goal: Get home! Our goal after leaving Utah was to spend two more nights on the road and then be home to sleep in our own beds. It’s funny, because when I said spend the night on the road, I did not mean it literally.

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LA to Chi-Town Part 1: How I Learned to Love Diarrhea in Las Vegas and Altitude Sickness in Utah

Goal: Find somewhere to sleep in Utah We started back home on day 7 of our 11-day cross-country excursion. The plan was to camp two nights at Fishlake National Forest in Utah, then camp one night just outside Denver, and play it by ear in Nebraska, before returning to good old Illinois. Well, you know what they say… “The best laid plans of mice and men” and families on road trips “often go awry.”

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