National Museum of Civil War Medicine

The last Civil War-related stop on our trip was the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in quaint Frederick, MD. Civil War Medicine is of particular interest to me because of my training in medicine, so we scheduled an extra day in our itinerary to be able to visit.

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Epic Washington, D.C.

After leaving Antietam, our next stop was Washington, D.C. We wanted to catch a glimpse of the White House before someone decided to have it gold-plated. Seriously though, my motives for visiting Washington, D.C. were purely tourist in nature. I had never been there and just wanted to see what the place was all about.

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Epic Antietam, The Bloodiest One-Day Battle

Our next stop was Antietam National Battlefield. Though much smaller than Gettysburg, Antietam was no less powerful.

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Epic Gettysburg – Day 2

On day 2 of our Gettysburg stay, the weather turned windy and cold. We decided to explore the visitor center and museum to stay comfy and warm. But we did have a few more landmarks we wanted to see around the town.

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Epic Gettysburg – Day 1, Part 2

After lunch, we headed back to the Gettysburg National Military Park Visitor Center to get our bearings and figure out how to make the most of our time there. It was really important to us that we see the historic sites that were so important in this battle, a great turning point in the Civil War.

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Epic Gettysburg – Day 1, Part 1

Well, we set off on another road trip just in time to be at Gettysburg National Military Park for the 153rd anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. We originally planned to leave one day later (so the kids wouldn't have to miss an extra day of school), but then we would have missed this very interesting day.

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Civil War Pumpkin Patch

This pumpkin patch featured the biggest Civil War reenactment we've seen.

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Preparing Kids for a Civil War Road Trip

If you’re planning to visit some U.S. Civil War sites with your kids, I’m going to assume that you are a bit of a geek and have done a fair amount of research about the Civil War yourself. The resources are endless for adults interested in this period of American History.

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