1406, 2017

Alaskan Cruise with Kids – Part 1, Embarking in Seattle

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Let me first start by saying, if you want a life-changing family Alaskan adventure experience, a cruise is not the way to go. We had never been on a cruise before, so it was a [...]

304, 2017

Cumberland Gap and Vicinity

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This spring break we decided to head down to Kentucky to spend a few days checking out Cumberland Gap National Historic Park and whatever else we could find in the area. We made our home [...]

304, 2017

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore – Maple Sugar Time

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Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is part of the National Park System. Being from the Chicago area, I've been visiting the Indiana Dunes since I was a kid. This year, we took the kids to Chellburg [...]

1212, 2016

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

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The last Civil War-related stop on our trip was the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in quaint Frederick, MD. Civil War Medicine is of particular interest to me because of my training in medicine, so we scheduled an extra day in our itinerary to be able to visit.

412, 2016

Epic Washington, D.C.

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After leaving Antietam, our next stop was Washington, D.C. We wanted to catch a glimpse of the White House before someone decided to have it gold-plated. Seriously though, my motives for visiting Washington, D.C. were purely tourist in nature. I had never been there and just wanted to see what the place was all about.

112, 2016

Epic Antietam, The Bloodiest One-Day Battle

By | December 1st, 2016|Categories: America, Civil War, Family Travel, Maryland, National Park Service|Tags: , , |2 Comments

Our next stop was Antietam National Battlefield. Though much smaller than Gettysburg, Antietam was no less powerful.

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