Day 3

Cruising through Glacier Bay National Park. I have to start this post by stating unequivocally that this day was filled with unparalleled natural beauty, the likes of which I have never before experienced in my life.

Additionally, what made this day truly spectacular was that my husband and I were able to observe the quiet, serene beauty surrounding us at our leisure while the children hung out in the boat’s kids’ club with a National Park ranger and a representative of the native culture. The kids learned about the park and were read a story about the Tlingit culture. They even took the kids outside to do their own glacier viewing. And after all that, they earned Junior Ranger badges! We love the Junior Ranger program offered by the National Park Service.

Quiet reflection gave us the following moments:

Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park

Calving Margerie Glacier Bay National Park

Margerie Glacier Calving — We learned that a glacier is like a big, frozen river of ice that is always moving.¬†Sometimes pieces of glaciers break off. When this happens, it makes a very loud noise like a gunshot and a huge splash. It is called calving.

Glacier Bay National Park

Curious Arctic Terns (I think)

Glacier Bay National Park

Playful sea otters.

Glacier Bay National Park

And hungry children who didn’t want to stay still for a picture.

We ate lunch with a glacier right outside our window. After lunch, the kids were much more chill.

Oh, nothing. Just hanging out in Alaska. You?

Glacier bay national park ballet

Oh, nothing. Just giving myself a ballet class on the deck of a ship. You?

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