Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

Our family was planning on taking another epic trip this past Labor Day weekend. Our plan was to go to Gettysburg. BUT our house is being sold…closing in about a month and a half, and we have no place to live. Aside from that, some hurricane is supposed to be showering the eastern seaboard with its rainy presence (presents?). So we decided to do the adult thing and make sure our family doesn’t go homeless during this transition.

Why are we moving? A few reasons. Many reasons actually. Don’t know how many I’ll actually document here, though. Here goes: We live in a house that I consider a monstrosity. A too-big, mid-century modern behemoth (it’s really not that big) on 1.1 acres of grass that needs to be mowed, leaves that need to be raked, snow that needs to be blown, and a heavy mortgage that needs to be paid.

My goal through this website (and in life, generally) is to be able to take my epic family on some epic voyages in life to make our days on this planet just a little bit more meaningful. Money in and money out has no meaning to me. It’s a waste of life. So, we’re down-sizing.

Money in, money out has no meaning to me.

Epic Mom and Dad

Epic Mom and Dad

Down-sizing is hard. I mean really hard. It would be simple if it was just me. But I’m so preoccupied with thinking about how happy everyone else is going to be with this decision. Even if (like my husband) they say they are going to be ok with it. Down-sizing will allow us to do more traveling and live more interesting lives. I hope. That’s the thing with unknowns, you never know what’s going to happen.

I find myself constantly asking the question “Am I doing the right thing?” “Am I doing the right thing for my family?” “Am I doing the right thing for myself at the expense of my family’s happiness?” But then I have to remind myself that if mommy’s not happy, nobody’s happy.

Parenthood is difficult. Wifehood is difficult. I think we have to remember that we’re all a team and that we’re working together so that we can all be happy together. So much of our big road trip was wrapped up in that little concept. Let’s work together to do amazing stuff while being happy together. (Could I have said the word ‘together’ a few more times?)

So, to that I say:

Let’s go! Let’s have ourselves a life adventure!